About us

      In 1931, Mr. Pan Jinsheng established China New Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (the Predecessor of Shanghai GuoGuang Harmonica Factory Co., Ltd.). He took a lead in producing harmonicas independently in China. Shanghai GuoGuang Harmonica Factory Co.,Ltd. is thus the birthplace of Chinese harmonicas. Mr. Pan Jinsheng became the founder of Chinese Harmonicas Manufacturing, and was honored as “the Father of Chinese Harmonicas”. In 1933, “Pagoda” harmonicas were manufactured. In 1934, Lin Sen, the Former President of the National Government inscribed “Made in China is Glorious” for the company in order to honor its significant contributions to the development of national industry. Thus, the trademark of “GuoGuang” harmonica is followed until today. The "GuoGuang" brand is famous all along and has over 80 years history.


      The company produces “GuoGuang” brand 10-hole, 24-hole and 28-hole tremolo harmonicas; 10-hole, 12-hole and 16-hole chromatic harmonicas; soprano and alto horn harmonicas; 25-hole and 39-hole double bass harnomicas; 24-set and 48-set chord harmonicas; 32-key and 37-key melodicas, etc.

In the production and development course of “GuoGuang” harmonicas, the company always regarded product quality as life, adhered to producing harmonicas by industrial standard, focused on harmonica manufacturing over 80 years, continually raised product quality by excelsior spirit of craftsman. GuoGuang Company always carries forward “GuoGuang” brand for a mission, continually keeps technical reform and product innovation, develops brand new advantage and keeps market competitiveness in paying attention to product innovation and developing. “GuoGuang” harmonicas are of accurate tones and elegant timbre. Its harmonicas are sold well in home and abroad, not only in domestic market, but also in European, American, Asian-Pacific countries and regions.